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Apr 27, 2021

This week on 5.6.7.EIGHT, Aleksandra interviews Janice Barringer, a veteran dancer, teacher and author of The Pointe Book — the world’s quintessential book on pointe training and pointe shoes. The Pointe Book has printed and sold many tens of thousands of copies since it was first written and just released its fourth edition. Janice is also currently a baller teacher and consultant, most notably with the Los Angeles-based company, Music Works.

Janice knows that there is more to a ballet shoe than meets the eye and has made it her life’s goal to uncover and solve all pointe shoe mysteries — a goal which has led her to travel the world and research with some of the ballet world’s biggest and best dancers and companies. On the podcast, Janice retells the incredible story of how her book came to be and shares some important life lessons on overcoming barriers in pursuit of your dreams.


Moving Quotes:

"Pointe shoes are quite a mystery. Training dancers to dance on pointe — and to dance on pointe well — is really complicated."

"With the book, we wanted to address questions that will help young beginner students, their parents, professional dancers, and professional dancers. And it seems to have worked. Everyone has benefitted on every single level."

"There's a difference between teaching a class and giving a class... The way you structure the class and see how everyone's bodies are just a bit different and work to keep others' bodies healthy."

"I would rather travel visiting all of these great dancers and meeting these great people around the world than go to the Riviera or the Caribbean or any place. It is so stimulating for me."

“You don't choose dance; dance chooses you. You have no options once it gets in your blood."

"You want to learn as much as you can about everything that's possible... You have no idea which way your life is going to go."

"Most doctors have no idea what ballet dancers go through."


Bullet Points (w/ timestamps) - Highlighting key topics discussed:

3:32: Janice retells the full story of how The Pointe Book came to be — a story which involves traveling the world and meeting with some of the top companies and dancers around the globe.

18:47: Janice describes how the book’s fourth edition — which was recently released on Amazon — is totally different from the book’s first three iterations.

24:01: Barringer describes her beloved co-author who was a tremendous friend and professional during the creation of the book.

26:43: Janice shares multiple stories of how her unending perseverance and passion made her a subject matter expert in the world of dance.

36:07: Barringer discusses what’s next once the book hits shelves, including continuing her work making instructional videos for Music Works Unlimited.


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