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Jun 15, 2021

This week on 5.6.7.EIGHT, Aleksandra speaks with Val Syganevich, Producer and Owner at Freckled Sky — a nationally renowned multimedia creative agency. Val opened his first creative agency in Ukraine in 2002, and in 2010, his group did their first ever project with multimedia. In 2013, upon a move to the United States, he established his current agency, Freckled Sky. In 2015, they partnered with America’s Got Talent to produce a one-of-a-kind interactive water projection performance and advanced to the finals in New York City. Val has worked with a variety of clients including Pink, James Arthur, Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, and many more.

Val is a creative wizard and has been praised far and wide for his work. In fact, even radio icon Howard Stern referred to Val as a “genius.” On the podcast, Val recounts his entire journey from Ukraine to the United States to the grand stage of America’s Got Talent and discusses his unique perspectives on pushing creative bounds, keeping teams motivated, educating yourself, and much more.


Moving Quotes:

"We need to understand that there are no limits — no walls in front of us. You need to understand what the rules are and why they are wrong... Make the decision to overcome limitations. And be polite."

“When we decided to sell everything and pursue our dream, we just believed in what we were going to do. And felt that it was the right move."

"The best way to break through with investors is to simply create a good product. Then people will listen."

"I believe education really matters... and having a really wide look at everything. Making sure you understand all of the small details of the world."

Bullet Points (w/ timestamps) - Highlighting key topics discussed:

3:46: Val recounts his incredible journey into the finals of America’s Got Talent.

12:35: Val explains what it felt like to advance to the America’s Got Talent finals.

16:21: Syganevich, who took a huge risk selling everything he owned to move to the United States, describes his mindset when he decided to make this transition.

20:34: Val explains why he believes a broad and deep education is critical to life success.

24:02: Syganevich discusses the types of projects that he’s been working on recently and how the pandemic has forced him to get extremely innovative.

27:11: Syganevich describes the biggest challenges when sharing ideas or visions with external parties, such as investors, and reveals the key to ensuring you make an impact.

30:59: Val explains how he keeps his team motivated and ever-learning.

33:14: Val, a consummate creator, shares some critical advice for anyone looking to leave their mark on the creative world.


Bullet List of Resources – 

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