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Oct 27, 2021

This week on 5.6.7.EIGHT, Aleksandra interviews Erin Pride, Founder and CEO at Dancepreneur Academy and host of The Dance Boss Podcast. Erin holds a BFA in dance from Montclair State University and a master’s in dance education from New York University. Her company helps dance professionals launch and scale online dance businesses. Erin is also the host of the Dance Boss Podcast, where she gives tips and strategies on building online businesses on a weekly basis.

Erin spends her days coaching others on the ins and outs of business building; however, Erin would be the first to tell you that knowledge minus action equals nothing. Only those entrepreneurs who are willing to act on their learning will flourish. On the podcast, Erin impresses upon listeners the extreme importance of having coaches and mentors but admits that advice can only go so far. Change is reserved for those who take action. 


Moving Quotes:

"Just start. If you don't implement, it doesn't matter. We have an expiration date... I don't want to wait for anything because we never know when our time is going to end here on this earth."

"Dancers need an entrepreneurial mindset. And if you don't want to pursue dance, I don't want anyone to feel like they can't stay in the dance community. There are tons of opportunities that can also bring you money."

"The first step in my process is helping my clients understand the value of focusing on one thing. And the second step is helping them identify those old stories and mindset blocks that make them thing they have to do everything at once."

"When it comes to hiring a coach, I truly believe that paying people to support you is important. Money is circular. Once you start giving it out, you'll start receiving it."

"When the pandemic hit, I found that there were two types of people. One, the type of person that had to move online. And two, the type of person that was stuck in the house and realized that there was more that they wanted to do with the gifts that they’d been granted."

"So many times, we get stuck wondering if we're making the 'right choice.' But I have learned, as I reflect on my journey, that every single choice has been a part of the puzzle to get me here. Whether on a small scale or a big scale... So take some pressure off of your shoulders about making the 'right choice.'"

"I was so apprehensive about getting a coach before I got a coach. But once I got a coach, it's something that I'm always going to have in my life. Not only for business strategy, but also for the mindset support."


Bullet Points (w/ timestamps) - Highlighting key topics discussed:

2:57: Erin shares information on her business, which coaches dance professionals on establishing their own online businesses.

9:11: Erin shares an important tip on managing money that she learned from personal experience.

11:57: Erin walks through her process in helping others discover the businesses that they want to build and setting up the framework to build those businesses.

15:07: Pride shares some tips on building a unique brand and standing out on social media.

20:30: Pride shares a couple of inspirational success stories of her own clients.

23:43: Erin, who is also a podcast host, describes her podcast and what she finds most challenging and rewarding.

27:23: Erin encourages listeners to not worry about making the “right choice” and to trust that every decision is just setting you up for your ultimate destination.

30:50: Pride describes a dream that she hopes to eventually accomplish in her life.

34:18: Pride discusses what she believes is the entrepreneur’s greatest challenge.

38:20: Erin shares some final advice for anyone looking to achieve a goal.


Bullet List of Resources – 

Erin Pride

Dancepreneur Academy

The Dance Boss Podcast