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Oct 15, 2019

This week on 5.6.7.EIGHT, Aleksandra interviews Leda Ghannad, a primary care sports medicine physician at Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush with a special interest in treating dancers, performing artists, and adolescent athletes. Midwest Orthopaedics has been recognized as one of the top 10 national leaders in orthopedic medicine and spine care and is the official provider for the Chicago Bulls, the Chicago White Sox, the Chicago Fire, the DePaul University Blue Demons and — last but certainly not least — the Joffrey Ballet in Chicago.

On the podcast, Leda shares about her own journey into orthopedic medicine and how her love of helping people and being “hands-on” drove her in this direction. Perhaps most notably, Leda spends time sharing a wealth of advice for dancers and athletes on eating well, preparing for performances, recovering from injuries, having a healthy mindset, and much more. However, all listeners will benefit from hearing Ghannad’s story about finding her own way and finding pleasure in helping other people achieve their goals.


Moving Quotes:

“A huge part of any injury is having a positive attitude, persevering, and understanding that the body needs time to heal. I think that definitely helps you heal faster."

“Taking time for yourself is important for mental health, and in the end, you end up doing better. There’s no such thing as lost time in my mind."

“Medicine is a phenomenal field because it’s always changing. So it’s really a field where you’re constantly learning and constantly challenging yourself."

“Missing your period is not normal, and good nutrition is important for your overall health. But it’s also good for performance. I think you’ll perform better and avoid injury if your body is well fed."

“In order to be a surgeon, you have to love being in the operating room. And that’s not something that I enjoyed."


Bullet Points (w/ timestamps) - Highlighting key topics discussed:

2:21: Leda describes her job as a medical professional and explains where her love of dance originated.

5:14: Leda discusses common injuries she sees in dancers versus non-dancers and offers some tips for preventing injuries.

8:29: Ghannad shares some advice for dancers or athletes on making smart judgment calls on the severity of injuries.

11:46: Leda discusses her perspective on the importance of having a healthy mindset when recovering from injuries.

12:48: Ghannad speaks at length on the importance of diet for dancers and athletes.

19:13: Leda shares why she decided to pursue a career as an orthopedist and how she finds fulfillment in helping people achieve their athletic goals.

21:58: Leda describes a typical day and week in her life and shares the favorite thing about her chosen career.

24:23: Leda explains why she decided to work at larger hospital, as opposed to joining a smaller clinic or opening a private practice.

28:15: Ghannad gives some solid advice for someone interested in pursuing a career in the medical field.

31:04: Leda revisits a difficult time in her life pre-career and explains how she was able to navigate this experience by taking time for herself.

Bullet List of Resources – 

Rush Orthopedic