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Dec 8, 2021

This week on 5.6.7.EIGHT, Aleksandra interviews Julie Cartwright, President at P.volve. P.volve is an omnichannel fitness brand featuring a global on-demand platform, a growing line of patented equipment, and several franchise studios in New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Since its founding in 2018, P.volve has grown from a few employees to over 75 employees — and counting. Julie, herself, is a graduate of Ohio University and held a variety of executive-level marketing positions before becoming president at her current company.

When Julie stepped away from her comfortable corporate job and shifted towards entrepreneurship, she knew that her life was going to permanently change. But, at the end of the day, she knew she was making the right choice. Why? Passion. Because of an overwhelming love of what health and fitness. And because of an addiction to entrepreneurship and building something from scratch. On the podcast, Julie recounts her entire journey through this crazy world of entrepreneurship and discusses why she decided to trade in a successful corporate career and never look back.


Moving Quotes:

"I think the risk of entrepreneurship is significant for everyone. But I knew I wanted this... You have to think about your happiness and what you want, but you also have to believe in yourself."

"I'm addicted to the continued evolution of learning and growing."

"Believe in yourself. And don't take 'no' for an answer. If you see it and you believe it, I genuinely believe you can make it happen... If you believe in something, go after it. And I think you'll surprise yourself."

"People are more focused on their holistic health than ever before... We've had so many conversations with members about not just looking good but feeling good."

"It's so powerful to hear other women's stories about building their businesses. There are so many similarities between all of our stories... Through hearing all of the stories, I'm more in love with female leaders than ever before. Because they're just so resilient. I'm in awe."

"When starting a business, you have to have a real gut instinct around the things that you know are going to be most meaningful to prove your business out. But you have to stay extremely scrappy. And listen to the customer."

"As people are trying to take a leap of faith, it's so important to have conversations. Because you never know where they will lead."

"I think it's extremely rewarding to hire and recruit talent. To bring them to our 'why' ... A lot of people do jobs without knowing the impact that they have on people's lives... It's been exciting to allow some of my team to see their impacts."


Bullet Points (w/ timestamps) - Highlighting key topics discussed:

3:07: Julie explains the core components of her company, P.volve.

11:24: Julie discusses what trends she’s seeing in the fitness industry as a whole and how these trends bode well for the work she’s doing with P.volve.

14:50: Cartwright walks through her career evolution, from a high-ranking employee at a large entertainment corporation to spearheading a nimble startup.

20:31: Cartwright describes the starkest differences between her previous corporate job and her current position at a startup.

26:39: Julie discusses what is, in her opinion, the most difficult part of being an entrepreneur.

29:23: Julie describes the most rewarding component of being an entrepreneur.

31:28: Cartwright rehashes her company’s first steps when starting P.volve.

35:58: Julie discusses the benefit of starting a company, alongside one or multiple business partners.

38:36: Cartwright, whose company has experienced massive growth since its start in 2018, explains how her company has been able to scale so quickly.

42:38: Julie discusses what’s next for her company and leaves listeners with some valuable advice on pursuing their dreams.


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