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Dec 8, 2020

This week on 5.6.7.EIGHT, Aleksandra speaks with Dr. Tina J. Wang, President at Tupelo Pointe Healing Arts. Dr. Wang spends her days as an Osteopathic physician but is not focused solely on simply treating ailments; she is focused on delivering the best care possible by meeting the functional, nutritional, and individual needs of the person seeking better health. Dr. Wang is also heavily involved in the American Medical Women’s Association and the Performing Arts Medicine Association, where she is both a reviewer and a publisher of medical research articles.

Dr. Wang knows that the best care is only possible by taking care of the whole person — physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Through her time digging deep with patients, she has also learned not to put limits on people and knows that all people are capable of so much more than what they ever hoped or dreamed. On the podcast, Dr. Wang explores her philosophy on medicine, but also discusses the joys and pains entrepreneurship, the importance of learning, and how we all should set lofty goals because we truly can achieve them with the right mindset.


Moving Quotes:

“Anything is possible. Your life has a wide gambit of possibilities. Don’t narrow yourself or pigeon-hole yourself based on everything you see around you."

“Ninety percent of knowledge is experiential. You don’t learn it in a book. You don’t learn it in a classroom. You learn it by doing. By being on stage. By practicing. Don’t overestimate your own knowledge."

“The only way small businesses survive is by being ethical. By being honest. By allowing a business to reflect who we are. If we’re not honest people that aren’t dedicated to integrity, the business will reflect that and won’t survive."

“As doctors, many times, we’re pigeon-holed with what we’re taught, and we don’t look at the evidence that’s widely available… But we have to move beyond what we’re taught and question, so that we can improve."

“At the end of the day, as a female entrepreneur, we don’t get to complain. We just have to find solutions. It’s the same in business. You find solutions."

“That’s part of the resiliency of being a dancer; you just have to find a way [to make aches feel better]. How are you going to make this feel better? How are you going to feel better? That’s how my journey started."

“As one entrepreneur to another, you know that it is the biggest, wildest journey of your life."


Bullet Points (w/ timestamps) - Highlighting key topics discussed:

3:20: Dr. Wang discusses her practice — Tupelo Pointe Healing Arts — and the holistic approach it takes to treating dancers.

8:13: Dr. Wang explains how dancers can best know when something is wrong with their bodies and gives some advice on preventing injury.

11:27: Dr. Wang discusses the importance of dance teachers becoming educated on how to best support their dancers from a physiological perspective.

16:29: Dr. Wang shares some advice on finding and attaining a career in the dance industry, while not necessarily being directly on the stage.

20:37: Dr. Wang describes her involvement with the American Medical Women’s Association — the oldest existing women in medicine foundation in the United States.

23:14: Dr. Wang explains her involvement with dance medicine journals and encourages listeners to read those articles and become educated on this high-quality research.

25:43: Dr. Wang describes the difficult and rewarding journey that is entrepreneurship and how building your own business directly impacts the lives of those who take that road.

28:38: Dr. Wang discusses the difficulties of being a female entrepreneur but explains the silver lining on this often-frustrating vocation.

32:59: Dr. Wang shares some aspirations for her own business and for dance medicine as a whole.


Bullet List of Resources – 

Dr. Tina J. Wang


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