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Jul 13, 2021

This week on 5.6.7.EIGHT, Aleksandra speaks with Roberto Campanella and Kelly Shaw of ProArteDanza. At the company, Roberto and Kelly serve as artistic director and dance artist, respectively. Roberto — a native of Rome, Italy — trained at some of Italy’s finest schools before having a successful career as a professional dancer. Roberto also has extensive experience working in film. Kelly, who is also a choreographer, is well respected around Toronto for her art and works as a Pilates, Barre, and dance instructor in addition to her on-stage work.

Both Roberto and Kelly feel pandemic pains — being absent from the stage for over 15 months. However, they both are looking forward to brighter days that are approaching ever-quickly and are more convinced than ever that, in a world that was largely absent of the arts over the past year, art is needed now more than ever. On the podcast, Kelly and Roberto walk through their own personal journeys in the arts, share career advice, look to the future, and so much more.


Moving Quotes:

"The world needs art and beauty and expression more than ever. Even on the hard days, remember that we're more necessary than ever."

"The bumps along your professional journey are there for your greatest learnings... They are the greatest gifts you'll ever have."

"We see the term 'passion' often in the more contemporary meaning, which is love towards what you do. But what about the biblical sense of 'passion,' which is sacrificing? You have to sacrifice for what you love."

"As a young dancer, you don't know anything, but you have the capacity to learn and hold everything. If you're driven, you have space to learn and not be knocked down by the 'no's."

"Being imperfect but still maintaining that hunger and passion can propel and become an engine for you. That has shaped me as a professional dancer."

"No passion; no contract."


Bullet Points (w/ timestamps) - Highlighting key topics discussed:

3:52: Roberto describes ProArteDanza and its upcoming summer intensive program and briefly discusses his own dance career.

7:52: Kelly, who holds multiple jobs in the Toronto area, shares how she juggles so many roles and gives some history on how she came to ProArteDanza.

13:14: Roberto, who has been with ProArteDanza since its founding, discusses the company’s passion and how it has sustained itself over the years.

15:20: Kelly walks through her process on choosing a company to work for and reminds listeners that all our challenges in life are for our good.

19:11: Kelly shares some advice for young people looking to build their careers in dance.

26:45: Roberto describes his company’s upcoming summer intensive program — an extremely challenging but rewarding program that will end in granting a participant a company contract.

29:41: Kelly explains what makes a dancer tough — physically, mentally, and spiritually.

33:52: Roberto discusses his most proud accomplishment — his successful career as a film actor, including his involvement in an Oscar-nominated film.

39:48: Kelly and Roberto speak to their next projects and upcoming goals.

43:54: Kelly and Roberto share some final words of advice for aspiring choreographers and dancers.


Bullet List of Resources – 

Roberto Campanella

Kelly Shaw