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Jun 9, 2020

This week on 5.6.7.EIGHT, Aleksandra interviews Caitlin Trainor, Founder of Dancio and Artistic Director at Trainor Dance, Inc. Trainor, a Rhode Island native, received a Masters of Fine Arts in dance before moving to New York City to work with various companies and choreographers. In 2011, Caitlin founded her own company — Trainor Dance — where she currently serves as Artistic Director. Caitlin also founded Dancio, which provides online dance classes with some of the best teachers around the world. Additionally, in 2016, she was voted into Dance Magazine’s “Top 25 to Watch.”

Trainor would be the first to admit that her journey into the dance world was a nontraditional one yet would argue that her “outsider” mentality has worked to her advantage. Nowhere is that seen clearer than in her own business, Dancio, which is using emerging technology to disrupt the traditional idea of dance education. On the podcast, Trainor discusses how Dancio came to be and shares some great (and difficult) truths about entrepreneurship and living life outside your comfort zone.


Moving Quotes:

“Dance, at its essence, is a shared, communal art form, and live class is a sacred, irreplaceable experience. That said, we need to learn from many different sources and that’s often at odds with [many different barriers, such as time and cost] … So streaming dance class will become an indispensable tool for the global dancer."

“Being a little bit of an outsider to dance can be an asset when you want to create things because you have ideas that are just slightly different than what’s happening. And you can say, ‘Well gee, I guess I can make this if it doesn’t already exist.’"

“I’m a big believer in connecting to your intuition. Being quiet and listening to your internal voice — your hunch — and giving yourself space to explore that curiosity and intuition. Don’t just jump on the ambition treadmill."

“Not being a perfectionist is the best way to make things perfect … The only way you create something of value is to begin creating it."

“Entrepreneurship is not for those who need stability and regularity; it’s a nerve-wracking thing. I am up many nights. But it’s exciting and gratifying, and I wouldn’t want it any other way."

“Over time, [my lack of formal training] has allowed me to really follow my passions as a maker, creator, and doer in the field because I just thought, ‘Well, if I don’t fit into the field as it is now, I will build some things that I can do.’"

“[Juggling my career with my four-year-old] is a little crazy. But life is short, and I’m going to live the heck out of it."


Bullet Points (w/ timestamps) - Highlighting key topics discussed:

3:22: Caitlin retells her introduction to the world of dance and how being an “outsider” actually worked to her advantage.

7:34: Caitlin discusses how she executed the vision for Dancio — her dance-streaming company.

10:27: Trainor, as the founder of multiple different companies, describes her love for entrepreneurship and how it’s not for the faint of heart.

12:54: Caitlin explains the benefits of Dancio’s exciting technology and how her company aims to absolutely disrupt the dance industry.

14:40: Caitlin shares about the beginnings of Dancio and speaks to fighting against perfection when creating something new.

18:21: Trainor outlines some predictions on how streaming technology — and evolving technology, in general — will change the dance industry.

22:37: Trainor describes her dance company that she founded and built from scratch.

26:34: As a dance lover and serial entrepreneur, Caitlin shares some life lessons that she has learned along her journey.

28:37: Caitlin discusses how she became one of Dance Magazine’s Top 25 to Watch in 2016 and how this honor has helped her career.

30:10: Caitlin shares some advice for any dance-lovers that may desire a career in the dance industry without being an actual dancer.


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