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Aug 25, 2020

This week on 5.6.7.EIGHT, Aleksandra speaks with Sherry Zunker — Artistic Director, Choreographer, Creative Director, Theater Director and Founder of BeMoved® Dance based out of Chicago, Illinois. Sherry has a stunning resume, boasting a 35-year-long run as a dance teacher and working as a creator, director, and choreographer on over 35 productions for Royal Caribbean International. Sherry also has had an extensive career as a dancer and, now, runs BeMoved Dance, which is founded on the belief that dance and music has the transformative power to enrich lives.

Sherry firmly holds to the idea that all people should be allowed to express themselves through motion and has dedicated her life to helping others find this gift. Through BeMoved, Sherry is truly using her passion for good. On the podcast, Sherry takes her natural position as a teacher and walks her students — the listeners — through some incredible lessons she’s picked up around dance, entrepreneurship, auditioning, and so much more.  


Moving Quotes:

“I believe everyone has the right to dance and to move… I also feel that dance helps people’s capacity to cope with the world. It would make people healthier and happier."

“At the heart of everything I do, I’m a good teacher. I love to inspire people to be better."

“People are more creative than they probably realize. For me, creativity starts with a problem. I ask, “What’s the problem?” And I solve that problem with creativity."

“The reason I feel that I have worked so much and was able to make a living at dance is because I was open to trying so many different things… Every discipline can benefit and help the other discipline."

“In life, people are the reason you’re going to succeed."

“[In entrepreneurship,] you have to venture out into all of these unknown areas and know that it’s okay to learn on the spot… It’s not so much what you know than how you think."

“The hardest thing [when you audition others] is to be very efficient but, at the same time, figure out a way to inspire even those that you turn away."

“A lot of people come to auditions and look like a student and not like a performing artist or a person. I want a person who performs and dances — I don’t want a dance student. There’s a different vibe."


Bullet Points (w/ timestamps) - Highlighting key topics discussed:

3:11: Sherry, who has had an extremely diverse and unique career, discusses the importance of learning a variety of skills and dance styles.

5:45: Sherry explains the perks of being a teacher while pursuing a career in dance and how journey was profoundly impacted by her love of teaching.

7:07: Zunker shares some thoughts on how she is able to spot potential during auditions.

11:08: Sherry, who has run numerous auditions throughout her career, shares some very good advice on how to stick out while auditioning for roles.

15:39: Zunker spends some time describing her dance business — BeMoved — and how it came to be.

22:41: Zunker discusses the music that one may come across when attending one of her classes.

25:40: Sherry describes one of the most challenging aspects of entrepreneurship and the necessity of learning as you go.

28:43: Sherry explains how her love for creativity has played into her love for entrepreneurship.

32:41: Zunker shares some advice for aspiring entrepreneurs around the importance of networking.

34:26: Sherry discusses what’s next for BeMoved and why she’s passionate about sharing movement with others.


Bullet List of Resources – 

Sherry Zunker