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Dec 29, 2020

This week on 5.6.7.EIGHT, Aleksandra speaks with Erica Hood, Chief Executive Officer at HoodFit, a fitness company that features Erica’s signature method in live and online classes and is all about promoting strong women. In fact, the company boasts a tagline encouraging women to Rep Your Womanhood. With a background in professional dance, Erica builds her effective workouts by focusing on energy, rhythm, and choreographed precision — all of which connects the body with the soul. 

Erica’s energy is extremely contagious and made for a fun, entertaining conversation spanning a wide variety of topics. On the podcast, Erica walks through her journey into establishing HoodFit, including the difficulties (and blessings) of building a company in the middle of a pandemic. Erica also shares some thoughts around the magic of journaling, the right mentality for entrepreneurship, and how technology is changing the dance world for the better.


Moving Quotes:

“Women are so powerful and so strong. We are capable and do so many things. I think the most important thing is that women receive support and encouragement from other women."

“As an entrepreneur, you have to roll with the punches and learn as you go."

“I think there’s a lot of power in technology these days to continue putting dance out into the world and making the arts more shareable with people."

“When you feel like you’re at your lowest lows, always know there’s something you can learn from it… It’s more of a ‘you win or you learn’ rather than ‘you win or you lose.'"

“I have all of my ideas written out in my little book. I’m constantly writing them down. Because I know that, when the timing is right, it will all come to fruition."

“It’s great to have notebooks and journals around at all times. So that any time you feel creative or have a thought that pops into your head, just write it down. Even if it seems crazy and doesn’t make sense to you at the time. Because it’s something that, once you put that pen to paper, it’s not just a forgettable thought."


Bullet Points (w/ timestamps) - Highlighting key topics discussed:

2:44: Erica talks about her company — HoodFit — and the birth of her company’s catchphrase: Rep Your Womanhood.

8:13: Erica discusses the current state of her business and how her business is looking to grow and expand.

12:45: Hood, a firm believer in journaling, describes the power in putting pen to paper and writing down your ideas and goals.

19:58: Erica explains the importance of flexibility and “rolling with the punches” when building a business from scratch.

22:08: Hood retells some events in her life that added to her preparedness in starting her own company.

27:18: Erica, who was pushed by her parents to get a non-dance degree in addition to her dance degree, encourages young dancers to follow the same path.

30:23: Erica speaks to the amazing power of technology in sharing the arts on a mass scale.

33:44: Hood looks to the future of HoodFit and is, in a way, thankful that this difficult year has forced her to digital media, which has ultimately expanded the “walls” of her studio.


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